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Thank you so much for those of you who added me! I am very excited to be sharing my experiences and learning from others. Well, I just came back from an AA meeting that was on getting rid of old ideas. I went to a great one last night that had a speaker with 22 years sober. He was quite an inspiration and also on wife #5, hahaha. A great speaker. I always feel so much better after meetings and feel like the people there are genuine and know what I'm going through. I'm by no means a big book thumper or queen of recovery but I do try hard.

Ugh, so I think I have food poisoning. I had the worst headache last night but just thought it was a migraine. I went to bed but I was at the meeting and ran to the bathroom to throw up and now my head is throbbing and my stomach feels like it's cramping. I mean, I think it is seafood from last night. That could have done it. Boo. Right now, I live in a house that is affiliated with the treatment center I was at. I have a roommate who is also ironically from St. Louis. We do have a house manager and she said she's gonna check in on me later.

Only 8 days til I get back to St. Louis! I can't wait.

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Hey girl, thanks for the add! I'm really excited to get to know you too, and to let you know, I am actually going to school to be an addiction specialist. I know just how hard your fight is, but it's so beyond worth it =) My name is Makayla BTW Cheers!

That is so great! I admire you for that. Nice to meet you :)

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