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Finally feeling better
I'd had a horrible migraine for three days but it is finally gone, thank goodness. I feel so much better. Ugh, headaches are horrible.

I only have one more night of IOP so that will be nice to be coined out on Thursday. I can't believe I am leaving here on Tuesday. I am excited beyond belief. I am definitely keeping in touch with Kelly. She has been so awesome and we're both from St. Louis. She comes home a lot, too. So, we'll get together.

Today is my mom and stepdad's wedding anniversary. They have been married 9 years now. So, I am happy for them.

I am still loving the new cell phone. It's so much easier to have a keypad for texting. I love it.

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Aww, I don't get headaches too often and not really any terrible ones when I do, so I'm sorry to hear you had one for three days. :( I'll get a headache if I don't have caffeine for a long time that won't go away until I have some. But, if it's just a headache I can take two advil and it'll go away. :)

Yeah, I try not to take anything unless it is really unbearable.

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