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I have my boarding pass! I can't even express how excited I am. I am going to be at the airport by 10. I want to give myself enough time. The flight is at noon. I am almost finished packing. We had the power go out so it took me a little longer to wash my clothes.

I picked up my Seroquel, which was $75.00. Lord. It's worth it, though.

The highlight of my entire day will be watching Intervention tonight. My sister and I text each other during the whole show. It's so intense.

A random thought
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my sexuality. I really don't categorize myself into a label. It's just about the person, not their gender. I don't care if it's a woman or a man. It depends on who they are as a person and how we connect. That may not make sense at all. I just can't say I am straight, bisexual, or gay. And, you guys are the only ones who know this. No one else in the world does. I'm not ashamed or anything like that. I just never know how to explain it.

Finally feeling better
I'd had a horrible migraine for three days but it is finally gone, thank goodness. I feel so much better. Ugh, headaches are horrible.

I only have one more night of IOP so that will be nice to be coined out on Thursday. I can't believe I am leaving here on Tuesday. I am excited beyond belief. I am definitely keeping in touch with Kelly. She has been so awesome and we're both from St. Louis. She comes home a lot, too. So, we'll get together.

Today is my mom and stepdad's wedding anniversary. They have been married 9 years now. So, I am happy for them.

I am still loving the new cell phone. It's so much easier to have a keypad for texting. I love it.

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Thank you so much for those of you who added me! I am very excited to be sharing my experiences and learning from others. Well, I just came back from an AA meeting that was on getting rid of old ideas. I went to a great one last night that had a speaker with 22 years sober. He was quite an inspiration and also on wife #5, hahaha. A great speaker. I always feel so much better after meetings and feel like the people there are genuine and know what I'm going through. I'm by no means a big book thumper or queen of recovery but I do try hard.

Ugh, so I think I have food poisoning. I had the worst headache last night but just thought it was a migraine. I went to bed but I was at the meeting and ran to the bathroom to throw up and now my head is throbbing and my stomach feels like it's cramping. I mean, I think it is seafood from last night. That could have done it. Boo. Right now, I live in a house that is affiliated with the treatment center I was at. I have a roommate who is also ironically from St. Louis. We do have a house manager and she said she's gonna check in on me later.

Only 8 days til I get back to St. Louis! I can't wait.

I am so glad I am coming home to St. Louis soon. I know I am ready. I know I can do it. I nearly have 9 months sober and I never thought I could do that. I know what I need to do once I get back.

I had to go to Verizon to get a new phone but luckily I was due for an upgrade so that was pretty sweet. I actually have a keypad now which will make texting SO much easier.

We have group therapy tonight in about an hour. Ugh. Not in the mood for that.


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